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This website is a little different to other IB biology websites. Instead of containing lots of content and information about biology it instead focusses on activities and tasks to help students learn the content from their textbook or from other websites. In short it provides questions and tasks that help you to engage actively with the course.

Please see the reference websites below for content focussed sites.

You can work through the topics in any order as needed or you can follow the suggested outline from here.

Each page starts with key vocab. Study these words before moving onto the other content.

The prior learning section provides suggested sections to review before starting the topic. These reflect my sequencing of the curriculum. Activating prior knowledge is very important for successful long term retention on new material.

Reference websites

To work through many of the exercises on this website you will need access to content in a textbook, websites or on youtube.

We recommend you using the following websites tailored to IB DP Biology students and their teachers:

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